Corneli Showers McGavran Russell Family History
Howard M. Corneli
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Acknowledgments: For large swathes of my family history, I’m deeply grateful to John Stevens, Darrell McGavran, Donald McGavran, and Jim Anderson. I thank Denise Bengtson for extending our McGavran line, Richard B. Graver for his Shafer genealogy, and Philip Corneli for taking the Corneli family back to Europe and 1655. For much of the Showers and Russell family material, I’m indebted to John McCormick, Howard Johnson, Lewis Wilson, and Stan Showers.

Thank you as well to all of you who’ve contributed facts or corrected them. Please contact me if you can add or improve any information. And please pass on the website address to your family or link to it on your own family pages.

To get started, feel free to look up some of our ancestors:

• Johann Thomas Corneli (b. 1655) is our earliest listed Corneli ancestor.
• Obadiah McGavran (b. 1618) is now our earliest listed McGavran ancestor.
• James Anderson (b. before 1670) is now our earliest listed Anderson ancestor; it may be easiest to find him through his wife, Grissal Patterson.
• Joseph Showers (b. 1797) is now our earliest listed Showers ancestor.
• Robert Russell (b. 1422), perhaps the earliest of all listed ancestors, may be easiest to find here through his wife, Elizabeth Throckmorton.
• Theodore Pease Russell (b. 1820) was a noted Missouri pioneer and journalist.
• Hans Jost Hite (Heydt) (b. 1685) was a pioneer and leading citizen in the Shenandoah Valley.
• Col. Hugh Crockett was a cousin of Davy Crockett's grandfather. Davy, if you care, is my 3C5R.
• Crockett ancestor Antoine Dessasure Peronett de Crocketagne perfectly matches the ancestor Clifford Corneli described fleeing France during the persecution of the Huguenots.
• Israel Seward, a drummer boy in the War of 1812, was a cousin of William Henry Seward, who purchased Alaska for Lincoln.
• Mary Caroline Seward knew Lincoln and entertained Indians in her St. Louis home.
• John Nicholas Shaffer (b. 1749) served in the Revolutionary War; so did John Seward.
* Malcolm Anderson’s notes now contain a first-hand account of the sinking of a German U-boat, included partly in tribute to his son Jim Anderson, an amazing writer and family historian.
• David Clifford Russell’s notes also describe heroism in WWII and the war’s cost.

Howard M. Corneli, October 2014

Notes: A few of the family surnames here include Anderson, Corneli, Coudy, Grafton, Howard, Klepper, Knueppel, Lovejoy, McGavran, Morgan, Russell, Seward, Shafer, Shaffer, Showers, Stevens, and Thompson. This website was created on Macintosh with Reunion.®
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